Ruby Ribbon Asks 3,000 Women “What’s Your BRAma?”

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What's your BRAma?

First Annual Survey Reveals that Women Think Bras Are The Worst

BURLINGAME, Calif., Oct. 11, 2018 — Just in time for “National No Bra Day,” which occurs this year on Sat., Oct. 13, Ruby Ribbon—the Silicon Valley-based intimate apparel company known for its revolutionary bra-replacement camisole—has released the findings of its first annual “What’s Your BRAma?” survey. With over 3,000 respondents, the survey is the first to allow women to get their true feelings about their bras “off their chests.”

Respondents – including general consumers along with Ruby Ribbon customers and independent sales representatives – were asked how they felt about their bras and their breasts. The data complements the mission of the National No Bra Day initiative, which happens yearly in October to call attention to National Breast Health Awareness month.

Your Bra: Friend or Foe?

The bra is not winning many fans. Asked how she would rank her bra, respondents rarely chose “Lover” (4%), “Friends” (14%) or “Acquaintance” (16%.) Rather, she is often “An Enemy – I wish I had never met her” (21%). Nearly half chose the response: “A Business Partner – I put up with her.” (46%).

What do women really want in a bra? The data reveals that 92% of respondents rank support (49.25%) and comfort (43.37%) over practicality (4.63%), versatility (1.21%), sex appeal (1.14%) and color (0.39%) when choosing a bra. Nearly all (86%) said assistance would be helpful when choosing a bra, although in an open-ended question most said they typically do not receive adequate help.

Although comfort is what they want most, when asked to choose one word to describe her bra the most popular term was “uncomfortable.”

The survey also showed that women who are uncomfortable in their bras take action. When asked in a multiple choice question what she does within 30 minutes of arriving home, as many women reported “taking off their bras” (52%) as “kissing their husband or child” (52%), while fewer “scanned the refrigerator for food” (38%). When choosing the FIRST thing that happens when entering the house, 25% said they take off their bras.

Their Bras and Bodies

Respondents shared how much they spend on bras, how they feel about their cup sizes and provided insight into their experiences with Breast Cancer.

Most respondents have cup sizes of C or higher (89%) and nearly two thirds (66%) reported having a D cup or higher. The majority of women (75%) have over 4 bras in their drawer and most (80%) spend more than $50 per year on bras, with 50% spending over $100 per year.

Asked if they were satisfied with their cup size, only 54% reported satisfaction. When asked what action they would take if they could alter their cup size, more respondents said they would reduce (29%) than enlarge (7%).

Ruby Ribbon’s survey also found that 45% of respondents have been affected by breast cancer personally or through a family member or close friend.

RubyRibbon: Supporting the Girls

These findings validate Ruby Ribbon’s mission to replace every bra in a woman’s drawer with wire-free products that provide support without a trade-off in comfort. The company has pioneered the use of performance fabrics and variable compression to create new products and product categories that deliver on this promise and has sold more than 500,000 of its flagship bra replacement Camisole.

“The findings of our BRAma survey show us that women are poorly served by the apparel item that is literally closet to their hearts,” said Anna Zornosa, CEO and founder of Ruby Ribbon. “They also show us that our vision of a world without bras is more relevant than ever. We’re committed to creating high-function and high-style wirefree intimates for women of all ages, shapes and sizes that ensure they’re not just wellsupported, but comfortable, stylish and confident.”

The survey findings show that nearly half of all women have had breast cancer or have experienced it through a family member or close friend. Ruby Ribbon, in concert with its nation-wide network of Independent Stylists, is dedicating its October activities to the search for the cure. During October, the company will make donations for every Ruby Ribbon event (virtual or in-person); for every new Stylist who joins; and through the sale of limited edition items, of which the company will donate 10 percent of the sales.

The October special edition items include:

  • Lace Full Support Cami in Sweetheart Print
  • Lace Classic Cami in Sweetheart Print
  • Lace Demiette™ in Sweetheart Print, Blush and Kiss
  • Original Demiette™ in Blush and Kiss
  • Bust a Move Tunic in Cherry Bomb

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About Ruby Ribbon

Ruby Ribbon is an apparel company, focused on intimates, that sells its products nationwide through a technology-empowered network of Independent Stylists. True to its mission of supporting all women, Ruby Ribbon’s award-winning intimate apparel and ontrend fashion are designed for comfort, style and fit. The company supports female entrepreneurship by enabling each Stylist to operate her own business. Ruby Ribbon is backed by leading investors including Trinity Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures and DBL Partners.

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