Meet Julie Colburn, Thermographer and Breast Health Advocate

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Julie Colburn - Ruby Ribbon stylist

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Meet Julie, a Ruby Ribbon Stylist since March 2018.

We’d love for you to meet one of our Stylists, Julie Colburn. She is a breast health advocate, teacher, and Ruby Ribbon Field Leader dedicated to helping women discover the benefits of being bra-free. Julie is also a thermographer, which involves using tools and reading images to help with early detection of breast cancer. She is 55, a DD, has been wearing a cami since March 2018 and lives in North Carolina.

We needed to know more, and Julie was kind enough to keep chatting with us!

What tips do you share with clients, and why?

When I was studying to become a thermographer, I was also having my body scanned. My breasts were very unhealthy on the thermal imaging scale. They had tons of inflammation. I believe inflammation if left unchecked will turn into disease. I knew I had to improve my breast health.

My instructor shared the following breast health tips which I share with my clients today:

  • Ditch aluminum-based deodorant. You need to keep aluminum out of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is similar to having pipes in our bodies. When the system gets clogged, you will have problems.
  • Dry brush your breasts. It stimulates the lymphatic system and gets the toxins moving out of your body.
  • Get rid of artificial sweeteners because basically, you are ingesting toxins.
  • Start Detoxing. I highly recommend this step, but you will have to discover how it fits into your own journey.
  • Get out of your wire bra.

I was able to do everything except for the last step — ditch the wire bra, that is — until I found Ruby Ribbon.

How did you find Ruby Ribbon?

I searched for a wire-free bra option for 14 months and spent money on things that didn’t work. A friend who knew my struggle introduced me to Lisa Chappell, a Ruby Ribbon Stylist. She had me step into my first cami after 14 months of looking for something like this.

I not only cried and rejoiced, I also said, ‘“This is the step in breast health that I teach that I haven’t been able to complete!!” It made sense that this product was the perfect fit for what I was already offering and teaching.

What was the biggest surprise about the business?

The biggest surprise for me is that what started as a side business to our thermography business has within a year become my passion and platform to teach breast health and help women all over the country have a safe, comfortable product that is changing lives in so many ways!

Most exciting lesson learned?

Being a part of this movement has shown me this is a universal problem. Ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages are unhappy with their bras and intimates. I am blown away that we not only help them find a good fit, but we also get to hear their stories and testimonies!!!! Helping women with severe health issues, like fibromyalgia, post and pre breast cancer, and even hiatal hernias is fueling my passion to share this product with my clients. And the business opportunity, it’s amazing to get paid when it doesn’t even feel like work.

I feel my mission in life is to teach breast health. I love that we have a safe, comfortable, wire-free bra alternative. Ruby Ribbon has given me an amazing platform in which to educate women and my hope is that they spread the word and help other women proactively pursue breast health. My life was changed and I now have healthy breasts. Stepping into a cami gets you one step closer.

And of course we always like to know…what was the craziest thing you have done in your cami?

My favorite cami is the Lace Full Support, I now have 4 and I have no problem flashing anyone. I think the bravest and craziest time was in the parking lot of a gas station to a complete stranger. She commented on my Kimono. I told her she really needed to see what was underneath!! Never realized how fun and funny that can be!

Thanks Julie so much for your time and passion and for teaching women about breast health one cami at a time.

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