Dance-Mom First: Tiffany’s Stylist Journey

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Tiffany and her two daughters

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Meet Tiffany, a Ruby Ribbon Stylist since April 2018.

Tiffany is a powerhouse. She is a mom, a middle school teacher, a hedgehog owner and an entrepreneur. She loves this business because she can work as much or as little as works with her schedule, from wherever, while making awesome friends. Ruby Ribbon has given her family the freedom to say YES stress-free when opportunities arise for her kids!

We love helping women support their families and we needed to know more so we sat down to chat.

What inspired you to want to be a part of this Boobment?

It was a few different reasons!

I had a breast reduction years back and was happy with my new set of tatas, but I couldn’t find a bra that worked well for my figure and made my breasts look perky. With a reduction, my stomach now stuck out more. I was invited to a Ruby Ribbon Facebook party and was so impressed with the stylist’s passion, the personalized shopping experience, and the return/exchange policy. I knew I had to try one!

Also, I have two kids whose activities keep our pocket books almost empty. I LOVE my job as a middle school teacher and I was really looking for something unique to supplement my income.

When my cami first arrived it was the perfect fit. It lifted my boobs and smoothed my midsection at the same time! I instantly fell in love and wanted to share that love with others. I had to be a part of the Boobment!

How did becoming a Ruby Ribbon Stylist change your life?

It has helped us afford some things that would have been almost impossible prior to becoming a stylist. My daughter is a dancer and currently assists at a national convention. With this awesome opportunity came some expenses for travel, food, hotel…I figured if I could just bring home a few extra hundred dollars a month, that I would be able to cover the hotel right? But it has allowed me to pay for so much more…

What has surprised you the most in your career as a stylist?

There are SO many here! I am surprised by the fact that so many women are so open-minded and are willing to try the product and ask questions. I love it when a guest has a favorite “contraption” they’ve worn for years. And then they try on a cami and love it! The look on their face is PRICELESS and makes it totally worth it.

The other surprise might sound silly! I was shocked at how much money I could actually make by selling and being apart of the Ruby Ribbon family. Seeing my commissions each week was a great motivation for me to work my business. The more I saw my commissions go up, the more my stress level went down because I knew I could compensate for whatever activities my kids were doing. It was a total win for our family!

What is the craziest thing you have done in your cami?

I have not done anything wild in my cami….but I do sleep in it sometimes. In fact, I slept in the convertible cami the whole time we were in Costa Rica last summer. Yep, it was THAT comfortable.

Amazing! Thanks Tiffany! We are so grateful that we can contribute to your family’s happiness and success!

Ruby Ribbon Cami Life team.

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