4 Ideas for an Outstanding Winter Trunk Show

by rubyribbon-blog
Winter Trunk Show

Winter one of the best times of the year to hold a trunk show! The possibilities are endless for attracting customers and selling more camis while spreading cold weather cheer. Here are a few simple winter trunk show ideas to try out or share with your hosts:

1. Ramp up the winter social engagement

Getting out the word about your trunk show is always important, but winter is a great time to go all out on social media. More people will be cozying up indoors with their phones and laptops. While preparing for your next trunk show, engage your audience with plenty of winter-themed content.

Think about all the ways your business intersects with seasonal concerns. You could talk about how camis can help women feel more comfortable during winter outdoor activities, or how Ruby Ribbon has the perfect shapewear solution for every holiday outfit. But don’t stop there! Winter is also a great time to share any and all the winter tips and tricks you’ve accumulated over the years.

Are you a pro at post-holiday decorating on a budget? Do you know how to make an incredible cold-weather cocktail? Think about what you personally have to share that could add a special touch. Spend a little time looking for seasonal recipes to try and other ideas that your audience would find unique and useful. Post a pic of your winter wreath, the hat you’re knitting, some delicious mulled cider, or your Grandma’s famous cookie recipe. You’re not just selling Ruby Ribbon; you’re selling you! 

2. Make guests feel cozy with a fun theme like Camis and Cocoa

Everyone loves a cozy winter party with a warm, comforting beverage in hand. The anticipation of a custom cup of cocoa might be just enough additional motivation to get a few more guests to leave the house and attend your trunk show.

Invite guests to a camis-and-cocoa themed party. Work with your host to plan some delicious winter beverages your guests will appreciate—or make a DIY Cocoa Bar and let your guests build their perfect cup! 

For extra wintery cheer, try one or two of these decadent variations. You could give guests a mini cocoa tasting experience with samples of dulce de leche, peppermint, and classic hot chocolate recipes.

3. Delight guests with winter cocktails

Want to level up from hot cocoa to a more ‘adult’ beverage? Turn your winter trunk show into a cocktail party! Socializing with the right beverage in hand is likely to liven up a trunk show at any time of year.There are tons of delicious recipes you can find to enjoy with your guests, like this cranberry orange bourbon cocktail or some hot buttered rum. Find a recipe you love and share a drink with everyone who stops by!

4. Ask guests to bring a special outfit they need a little help with

Ruby Ribbon camis can smooth and support bodies of all shapes and sizes without sacrificing comfort. That means they’re the ideal undergarment for many holiday party-goers and Valentine’s date-preparers who want to look and feel their best in the outfit of their dreams.

If you consider yourself a bit of a fashion expert, you could also provide accessorizing help for trunk show guests looking for a bit of outfit inspiration. Make your trunk show a party prep event!

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